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Kayak-fear: fear Eskimos of disorientation and falling into oblivion.

Koro-fear: the fear that you will, if you are male, genitalia retract into the body and so you kill. This fear has been recorded on the Sino-malezijskome space. The highest proportions assumed in 1967. , when the male part of the population believed that his genitals disappear if she ate pork. Fear is recorded in diagnostic catalogs throughout Europe, under the abbreviation F48.8.

Fear of red light - spread with the Europeans, especially the manager.

Year after year, people are born with new fears. So far we have heard of aerophobia, bacilophobia, dentophobia or Trypophobia homophobia.

friggartriskaidekaphobia? This fear occurs in people who do not like Friday, the 13th The word was created back in 1911th, and began to be used only 1953rd year. Friday 13 superstition dates back to Biblical times since 13 people were on last night and Fridays are the worst accident occurred.

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